Why partner with CMC?

We understand what our customers need from a scrap metal recycler, and we take pride in meeting those needs through our strong reputation built on honesty and integrity. Our global reach allows us to connect you to global markets, maximizing the value of your scrap metal.

CMC: A Century of Recycling

Founded in 1915 as a single family-owned and operated scrap processing facility in Dallas, Texas, Commercial Metals Company has grown into multi-faceted, vertically integrated steel company with operations in over 200 locations globally. Today we have the capacity to process and ship more than 4 million tons of ferrous and nonferrous scrap annually. We buy, process and manage scrap in collaboration with our partners throughout the United States and around the world. Our success has been built on a commitment to the highest ethical, legal, environmental, safety and customer service standards. This will remain our commitment to all our business partners in each and every transaction and interaction we undertake.

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Environmental Responsibility

CMC Recycling is committed to preserving and protecting our environment for future generations. We utilize the most modern processing technologies in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment. Compliance with national and local regulations is viewed as the minimum requirements by our facilities. We continually strive to find improved solutions for protecting our environment.


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CMC Will Not Buy Stolen Material

Commercial Metals Company has several checkpoints in place to protect the scrap metal we buy and help to ensure that it is not stolen. Among the many actions we perform, we subscribe to ScrapTheftAlert.com which continuously post material that has been reported stolen. We also visually inspect and verify that the items which cross our scales are the property of the seller. While rare, entire loads have been rejected and, if necessary, accounts have been suspended.

EVERYONE WINS. These actions help protect the public by alerting the authorities of stolen or suspect material and they ensure we take in only proper scrap metal for recycling.